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La Union Islands Philippines
La Union Triple *AAA Resorts

Oasis Country Resort & Restaurant - Oasis Country Resort & Restaurant Reservation
National Highway, Sevilla, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

Oasis Country Resort - La Union Islands PhilippinesFirst known as the "Oasis on the Hill", Oasis Country Resort first evolved to a full service restaurant; then by mid September of 1996, the stylish Oasis Country Resort hotel was inaugurated. That date was a milestone not only for the owners, but also to the province of La Union. Undoubtedly, this hotel is a boost to the tourism industry in La Union. Oasis Country Resort is the only hotel in La Union that features an escalator.

Oasis Country Resort is owned and managed by LUCRHI (La Union Country Resort Hotel, Inc.) which was established with a commitment to market its products and services with great emphasis on quality, value and safety to the guest/customer. The Department of Tourism gave the resort hotel the "Most Healthy Place" Award in 2002.

Puerto De San Juan - Puerto De San Juan Reservation
Ili Sur, San Juan La Union, Philippines

Puerto De San Juan - La Union Islands PhilippinesOffers a fully airconditioned, all rooms are tastefully furnished with indigenous materials combiningf the best of local traditional forms and world class ambience. Complete in itself, there rooms come with pipe-in music, cable ready television, intercom, telephone, and individual bathrooms. The resort also boasts of having a most modern water-filter, a state of the art water purification system for drinking water.

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Merienda Philippines Cuisine

Merienda is taken from the Spanish, and is a light meal or snack especially in the afternoon, similar to the concept of afternoon tea. If the meal is taken close to dinner, it is called merienda cena, and may be served instead of dinner.

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