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Rihiyon na Sagor na Baybay na Luzon (Region at the Northwest Coast of Luzon)

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Pebble Stones, La Union
Luna, La Union is famous for its colorful and fine pebble stones of various sizes and shapes. Named after the famous Luna brothers during the revolution, the town has not only provided pebble stones in the country but in abroad as well. What is fascinating is that although generations of stone pickers in the area have constantly harvested the shore’s treasures, including the large scale quarrying the 1980s, the supply of the stones seems to be endless.

Balaoan Sea Urchins, La Union
Balaoan’s Sea Urchin industry has become a big source of income for this northern La Union town, especially to barangay Paraoir and the adjacent barangays of Luna and Bacnotan towns. Locally known as “Maratangtang”, this Echinoderm of the Class Enchinoidia, is a favorite delicacy among the Ilocanos. Even foreigners love its sweet and juicy taste, which is also a popular aphrodisiac.

Dried Fish (Daing), La Union
For most travelers passing by the municipality of Santo Tomas, Damortis is undoubtedly the busiest dried selling area in the southern part of La Union. It is as if the “cabisera” of the town since it is the only barangay with its own market, a church and other commercial establishments which plays a big factor the income of this fourth class municipality.

Coconut, La Union
The coconut plantation which has a romantic view of the China Sea is now the biggest coconut plantation in the whole Northern Luzon. It no sells high quality coconut seedlings at 250 Pesos a piece. As to date only 30 hectares of the plantation were developed and planted. Other fruit bearing trees will soon be planted in the remaining area of 20 hectares.

Today, with the supervision of the able men and women of the OPAG, the plantation is promising the people of our province a much greener environment for much better La Union to live in.

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Southern Philippine Cuisine

In Mindanao, the southern part of Palawan island, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, dishes are richly flavored with the spices common to Southeast Asia: turmeric, coriander, lemon grass, cumin, and chillies — ingredients not commonly used in the rest of Filipino cooking. Being free from Hispanicization, the cuisine of the indigenous Moro and Lumad peoples of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago has much in common with the rich and spicy Malay cuisines of Malaysia and Brunei, as well as Indonesian and Thai cuisines.

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