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Rihiyon na Sagor na Baybay na Luzon (Region at the Northwest Coast of Luzon)

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For SY 2004-2005, the province had a total projected school going-age populatio of 298, 381 disaggregated to 143,204 females and 155,177 males. As to school level. the elementary (6-12 years old) had the highest share at 123, 207 children, while the secondary (13-16 yearls old) comprised 55,645 students and the tertiary level (17-24 years old) accounted 119, 529 students.

The literacy rate of La Union in CY 2000 was pegged at 95.89 percent, with more males gaining high literacy than females.

In terms of physical facilities, a combined numner of 526 public and private schools were recoreded and distributed as follows: elementary schools accounted 395 or 75.10 percent; secondary schools 111 or 21.10 percent and tertiary schools 20 or 3.80 percent. Among the municipalities in District I, San Fernando City has the highest share of 87 schools or 16.54 percent of the total public and private schools.

The province had adequate classrooms at the elementary level as evinced by classroom to pupil ratio of 1:30 which is lower than the standard of 1:40. However, more classrooms were needed at the secondary, as the ratio 1:42 was higher than the standard.

As to manpower, the number of public elementary school teachers totaled to 2,996 with a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:27 while the secondary level teachers accounted a total number of 1,187 or a ration of 1:37.

There are 27 institutions for private technical schools. In terms of enrolment, the elementary level posted the highest share of 62.13 percent or 89,136 children, secondary level gaining around 30.99 percent or 44,456 students, and tertiary level both colleges and universities accounted a total enrolment of 9,869 or 6.88 percent of the provincial total.

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Philippines Cuisine Characteristics

The traditional way of eating is with the hands, especially dry dishes such as inihaw or prito. The diner will take a bite of the main dish, then eat rice pressed together with his fingers.

This practice, known as kamayan, is rarely seen in urbanized areas. However, Filipinos tend to feel the spirit of kamayan when eating amidst nature during out of town trips, beach vacations, and town fiestas.

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