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Rihiyon na Sagor na Baybay na Luzon (Region at the Northwest Coast of Luzon)

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La Union Islands Philippines
La Union Double *AA Resorts

Coconut Grove Beach Resort - Coconut Grove Beach Resort Reservation
Km 263 National Highway, Bauang, La Union, Philippines

Coconut Grove Beach Resort - La Union Islands PhilippinesCoconut Grove Beach Resort blends perfectly with its superb beach side setting. Dine, lounge at the pool, play lawn bowls, or go SCUBA diving. The tropical sun, beautiful sunsets and the enchanting waters of the South China Sea, promise the ideal vacation; and at an outstanding value.

Coconut Grove Beach Resort provides 28 spacious, well appointed, air conditioned rooms with ensuite bathroom. These are contained in Hispanic - Filipino styled villas in four unit clusters. The units are situated in tropical grounds right on the beach.

La Mer Resort - La Mer Resort Reservation
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

La Mer Resort - La Union Islands PhilippinesLa Mer Resort offers not only excellent accommodations but also a unique touch to make your stay a most enjoyable experience. Take in a panoramic day or nighttime view of San Fernando bay from your modern hotel room that is furnished with Ilocano flair. After a refreshing dip in the pool or jacuzzi, enjoy the ocean breeze and a cool drink at the large seaside native style lounge. La Mer's experience brings modern facilities but in a distinctive home-like ambiance.

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Common dishes

Popular catches include tilapia, catfish (hito), milkfish (bangus), grouper (lapu-lapu), shrimp (hipon), prawns (sugpo), mackerel (galunggong, hasa-hasa), swordfish, oysters (talaba), mussels (tahong), clams (halaan and tulya), large and small crabs (alimango and alimasag respectively), game fish, sablefish, tuna, cod, blue marlin, and squid/cuttlefish (both called pusit).

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